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Cake Making Terms A-F

January 24, 2009

Beat: Vigorous mixing in a round and round motion. Best done with an electric mixer or long handle wooden spoon.

Blend: To combine one ingredient with another stirring to form one mixture.

Cream: Beat one or more ingredients until fluffy and creamy. Usually you are beating the fat (softened butter) and sugar together until it is pale yellow and smooth. Be sure to scrape the sides and bottom of the bowl down to have everything well blended. If eggs are to be added be sure they have warmed up to room temperature and add 1 at a time, blending well in between. Creaming is what makes your baking have a light and airy texture…yum!


Dredge: To coat food with a dry ingredient. Example of dredging would be tossing nuts or fruits in flour or sugar to coat them. This helps them from sinking to the bottom of the cake during baking.


Dry Ingredients: Includes, Flour, baking powder, baking soda or other leavenings, salt, cocoa etc..  In baking, sugar is not considered a dry ingredient.


Fold: To gently combine ingredients. Usually a light and airy mixture (like whipped cream or beaten egg whites) is added to a heavier mixture. A rubber spatula works best in a gentle turning over and over motion. You don’t want to loose the airiness so you may not have it totally blended. Be gentle!


Frost: To cover with frosting.☺


So you want to bake a cake?

January 21, 2009

I love to bake.


I love the smell coming from the oven. I love my husband and sons being drawn to the kitchen by that wonderful smell.


I love the 1st taste of the edges or crumbs that have stuck to the pan and are still warm from the oven.

I love to see the anticipation of others as the finished product is plated and served.


Most of all I love when I hear, “Oh man Mom, that is goooooood!”




Baking is a learned skill, everyone can bake…the trick is to start with the basics.



Follow the basics, and get baking. Remember mistakes and flops are just the rocky road to becoming a great baker. Have fun, enjoy the trip!





Hello Cake Lovers Welcome to My Blog!

January 14, 2009

I would like to welcome you to the blog for Inspired Creations!


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