Cake Making Terms G-W

Glaze: To cover with a very thin layer of icing, fruit puree, or other shiny mixture.


Ice:  To frost.☻


Knead: To work or mix dough by hand to soften to working consistency or to stretch and expand gluten in yeasted doughs. Whew! Basically you take the item to be kneaded and push it with the bottom of your palms…left, right, left, right, into a cutting board or counter top.


Sift: To blend dry ingredients by passing them through a fine sieve or flour sifter. Also to separate fine from coarse particles.


Stir: To mix in a circular motion, gentle without beating.


Whip/Whisk: To beat rapidly with a whisk or electric mixer, to incorporate air (such as whipped cream or eggs whites).  


Work: To soften or blend by kneading or creaming


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