Sarah’s Twilight Cake » new-136

6 Responses to “new-136”

  1. Sara Says:

    omg luv it 2 death wish i could have one for my twwilight b-day next month

  2. inspiredcreations4cakes Says:

    Thanks it was alot of fun to create.

  3. megan Says:

    i love this cake it’s amazing , how did you get the covers to look so real , is that painted with icing ? great job !!

    • inspiredcreations4cakes Says:

      To help me with the covers I printed an internet photo of each. The chess piece photo was layed on the fondant then pin pricked. I had to do each piece from a different photo until I got each one. I cut them along the pin lines and then put it together like a puzzle. The tulip was made as if i were making a flower to decorate a cake out of fondant. The other 2 I just eyed them, played around with it for awhile until it looked correct. I’m glad you like the cake it was a labor of love!

  4. Andy Says:

    … O.o OMG this is the best twilight cake i have ever seen and i am not kidding make me one please

    • inspiredcreations4cakes Says:

      Wow! What a great compliment. If you live any where near the Quad Ciyies lets talk!

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