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2nd Annual Ice Cream Cupcake Roundup

May 21, 2009

Chocolate/ Raspberry Baby Cupcakes

Chocolate/ Raspberry Baby Cupcakes

Chocolate/ Raspberry Baby Cupcakes

Dark Chocolate Cake 
White Chocolate Raspberry Swirl OR Black Raspberry Chip Ice Cream – 2 hard to decide which one
Dark Chocolate Ganache
Fresh Raspberry

These cupcakes are so full of yummy flavor I just had to make them minis. You peel the paper off and pop the whole thing into your mouth…so sweet!

I started out with an old pound cake recipe called  “7 UP Cake” and added chocolate. It makes a Bundt  (more…)


Sarah’s Twilight Cake

March 2, 2009

Sarah’s cake was requested with the comment “make it something Twilight.”

Fondant plaques were made to represent the 4 books of the series. The plaques were placed on the buttercream covered cake and were given a border of green leaves.

Jenna’s Piano Cake

March 2, 2009

  Jenna  loves French Culture, orchids are her flower of choice and her favorite colors are Black, White and Bright Pink. Her Birthday party was held at Nan’s Piano Bar, here in the quad Cities.

Jenna’s Birthday.

We created this piano cake to help her celebrate.

The cake is dark chocolate with a filling of raspberry sauce.

The cake is covered in fondant which we brushed with black piping gel to give it a “laquered” look.

The piano lid is held up with a miniature Eiffel Tower, also made from fondant and painted with Aztec Gold Luster Dust and sprinkled with Disco Dust to give it glitz. The top of the tower has a small diamond gem made also of  fondant. 

Fondant orchids and greenery peek out from under the piano lid. White Sparkle Dust is brushed on them and a sprinkle of Disco Dust adds that extra giltz.

Such a fun cake to make!

You can find these supplies at Inspired Creations’ online store;

Aztec Gold Dust -#43-1253
Disco Dust – #43-1840
Ultra White Sparkle Dust – 43-1301
Food Coloring- Super Black #42
Assorted Gem Mold- GP102